Crispy Chicken

A nice portion of crispy chicken, prepared like Peking Duck in the Chinese kitchen. A salt, pepper & ngo-hiang mix on the side. With chips and vegetables.

Chicken Gordon Blue

A piece of chicken breast stuffed with ham & cheese. With chips and vegetables. A all time best seller. Say no more.

Chicken Kung – Po

Slices of boneless chicken in a vegetable, onion, mild chilly & capsicum sauce served on a hot plate. With slightly buttered white rice.

Chicken with Thai Basil

Stir fried slices of chicken breast with green beans, Chinese mushrooms, basil, lemon grass, ginger & chili. Served with rice.

Massaman Chicken

A Blue Ocean favorite, pieces of boneless chicken prepared with “massaman”, a curry originated from Singapore, with mushrooms, eggplant, coriander and paprika powder. Served with rice on the side.

Curry Chicken

Slices of chicken in a mild Thai red curry sauce with mushrooms & cashew nuts. Served with rice.

Crispy Chicken

Huhn Gordon Blue

Huhn Kung-Po

Huhn mit Thai-Basilikum

Massaman Huhn

Curry Huhn

Хрустящая курица

Курицы Гордон Блю

Курица Кунг-По

Курица с базиликом по-тайски

Цыпленок «Массаман»

Курица карри

Crispy Chicken

Crispy Chicken