Ice Cream

Per scoop vanilla, strawberry or chocolate with whipped cream.


Banana Fritter

Roasted banana, ice cream & whipped cream.

Pancake Blue

Honey, Ice – & whipped Cream.

Tropical Crepes

with fruits, served with chocolate & whipped cream


Banana Split

Ice- & whipped cream, topped with chocolate

Fresh Strawberry’s & Ice- Cream

2 scoops of ice cream (vanilla & strawberry) & whipped cream.

Proffiterole’s (non alcohol)

2 Home made pastry’s filled with ice cream and topped with chocolate & whipped cream.



Home made pastry’s filled with chocolate, coconut & Malibu and vanilla & Grand Marnier. With vanilla ice cream at the side, all topped with chocolate.

Chocolate Mousse

Mix of chocolate, cream, Grand Marnier & Rum


Chocolate Cake

Like our mousse worth trying.

Creme Brulee

Vanilla egg, coconut, cream pudding topped with caramelized sugar.


Fresh Cheese Cake

Made with Kaluha, coffee liqueur. mmmmmhaw.


Oven Baked Cheese Cake

A classic, beautiful made.