As our fresh fish is bought daily on the Jimbaran fish market, availability depends on supply. Weather is an important issue. Our staff will tell you.

Red Opaka Snapper

A Favorite of many, this the most popular fish in Hawaii. A char grilled whole snapper (750-800gr.) with a chili-basil-lime sauce. Served with red rice. Top meal for any fish lover.

Grilled Mahi Mahi Fillet

A beautiful piece of mahi mahi fillet, a locally very popular fish, char grilled. Served on a bed of vegetables, with a white wine sauce and slightly buttered red rice.

Salmon, Mahi Mahi & Trio Lentils

Grilled salmon and mahi mahi fillet with red, yellow and green lentils and brocoli in a white wine sauce. Served with rice.

Swordfish with Lemon Grass Prawns

A beautiful and very tasty char grilled piece of swordfish fillet. With lemon grass prawn sticks on top. Served with fresh steamed broccoli & crusty potato gratin.

Grilled Tuna Steak

A royal very fresh piece of tuna grilled to your liking: rare; medium rare or well done. In a lemon, butter-garlic, mild chili sauce. With red rice, vegetables and extra lemon on the side.

Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak & Prawn

Ahi Tuna with balsamic sauce, red rice and seasonal vegetables. Served with crispy rice noodles.

Red Emperor Coconut Thai-style

A nice piece of red emperor fillet in a delicate moderate spicy coconut milk sauce. Served with bean sprouts & french beans and slightly buttered red rice.

Garlic Prawns

330 grams of fresh sea prawns with garlic & onions on a hot plate. Served with slightly buttered red rice and vegetables.

King Prawns Lemon Grass – Basil

Grilled king prawns served with a green salad and chips.

Singapore Style Crab

A whole fresh crab from the mangrove coast of Kalimantan; the body meat in a very mild ginger chili sauce. The legs for you to crack. Served with our buttered red rice. Delicious with a finger bowl and plenty tissues.

Balinese Fish Sate

Variety of local fish, minced with local spices. Then grilled . Served with rice. On the side sambal ulek, sambal mentah (home made locally chilli pastes, nice and hot) & acar. (= marinated vegetables). So good and the “hot” you control.

Indonesian Sea Food Basket

Variety of grilled seafood marinated with a variety of Indonesian spices: prawns, calamari, crab, tuna, sword fish, and mahi mahi. Served with 3 different sauces: sambal, kikkoman soja dip & garlic butter. With slightly buttered red rice.

Blue Ocean BBQ Seafood

Grilled king Prawns; calamari; crab; tuna; butter fish; sword fish; mahi mahi & small squids. Served with BBQ sauce and white wine sauce. And with red rice.

Salt & Pepper Calamari

Sliced and grilled calamari spiced with salt, pepper, ngo-hiuang and coriander leaves. Served with red rice and vegetables..

Lime – Basil Seafood

Slices of butter fish fillet, prawns & calamari fried in the wok in a mild spicy lime and basil sauce. Served with slightly buttered steamed red rice.

Red Snapper Opaka

Gegrilltes Mahi Mahi Filet

Lachs, Mahi Mahi & Linsen Trio

Schwertfisch und Limonengras Garnelen

gegrilltes Thunfisch Steak

gegrilltes Ahi Thunfisch Steak & Garnelen

Red Emperor Kokosnuss Thai-Stil

Knoblauch Garnelen

Riesengarnelen mit Limonengras und Basilikum

Krebs Singapore Stil

Balinesisches Fisch Sate

Indonesischer Meeresfrüchtekorb

Blue Ocean Meeresfrüchte gegrillt

Tintenfisch mit Salz & Pfeffer

Meeresfrüchte mit Lemon und Basilikum

Sword Fish with Prawns

Sword Fish with Prawns

Sea Food Basket

Sea Food Basket

Prawns Butter Garlic

Prawns Butter Garlic

Crab Singapore Style

Crab Singapore Style

Ahi Tuna Steak

Ahi Tuna Steak