Vegetable Soup

Lots of vegetables in a home made stock. A healthy booster.

Fresh Tomato Soup

Home made fresh tomato soup with a splash of cream.

Pumpkin Soup

Home made with a splash of cream.

Spinach Puree Soup

Served with crispy corn tortillas & cilantro.

Indo-Thai Seafood Soup

Prawns, calamari, tuna, tomato, champignons, lemon grass, galangal & lime. Cooked in light coconut milk.

Soto (Soup) Ayam

Indonesian chicken soup with noodles, egg & vegetables green & tauge. With sambal & lemon on the side. Served with a choice of white rice or toast. A Blue Ocean speciality. The best in the world!!!

Soto Kepala Ikan

A Indonesian fish soup with emperor fish, stewed with local herbs & spices. Served with rice, sambal, emping crackers & lemon on the side. A meal. Be careful not to eat your fingers as well, so delicious!

Tom Yum Steamboat

A authentic Thai red tom-yum broth with king prawn, calamari, mahi mahi, butterfish, tuna, fresh mushrooms, bock-coy and cauliflower. Served in a steamboat with red rice. Spicy and very yummy, yummy. Say no more.

Indonesian Chicken Soup

Indonesian Chicken Soup