The most popular fish on Bali. The white, dry and solid meat has a mild taste. There are around 8 different species on the market.





With it’s firm dry, dark red meat, which taste a bite like veal. Canned tuna is known world wide but try our delicate fresh boneless tuna steak.


Mahi Mahi:

Known as Dolphin mackerel, see his nose, Dorado or Butter fish. A real gourmet fish whit a firm texture and mild flavor.



Rainbow Runner:


Known as the Bali Salmon. A offshore, blue water mackerel. With a red, fine tasting meat. A delicacy.




With white meat: very tasty. A choice for the seafood lovers.





A typical coral reef fish also known as Rock Cod. It has solid white meat with a elegant, mild taste. A fish nice to eat steamed also fried it is a favorite of many.



The meat has a pale pink color. Delicate taste.




or calamari. Many varieties, we buy the medium sized of a specific species, known for it’s tender, tasty meat.



Prawns & shrimps:

There are many shrimp/prawn farms in Indonesia. Nevertheless we prefer to buy the salt water marine variety only. Better taste & more heathy.