Opened 1969 right on the beach of Legian, and has been a legendary meeting place for generations of Bali lovers. Blue Ocean serves favorites from all over the world, and the seafood is daily fresh assorted from the markets. The served food is of high quality and reasonable priced.

The atmosphere is very relaxing, a timeless Asian style. There is a spacious terrace with an open ocean view where spectacular sunsets can bee seen while enjoying coolers, cocktails or tropical drinks. We provide free high speed internet, a lot back gammon boards, and a comfortable lounge, which is perfect to eat and relax in front of the beach.


Blue Ocean was one of the first “losmen/bar” on the beach, away from Kuta, in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to the time, it was a real hippies place. During the years there where many changes, the last one in 2007, the result, you see around you! Our menu has all sort of food from around the world. We like consider ourselves as a specialty fish restaurant. Click here for more information about fish.

We do more to bring you quality for reasonable prices. We go daily to the fish market. Our lettuce and our vegetables are organic, if available, every day fresh delivery. For our food washing we use “clean water”. Our bread, pastry’s noodles and pasta’s are made “in house”. The baking oil we use is refreshed often, the old oil, we use in our table lamps. Our sea salt is made by hand in Bali. Rice we steam in the traditional way, as our organic red rice variety.

In the back we have a shower for refreshing.